Identify Strengths/Aptitudes and Key Developmental Opportunities of Your Sales Team and Organization

Most sales assessments focus on general tendancies or personality, but personality and sales success aren’t strongly related. No particular personality is strongly correlative for high performance in sales. There are great salespeople all over personality chart. They exist in every quadrant because there are people to sell to in every quadrant. Selling to any style is done better by similar styled salespeople. Personalty based assessmentsj just don’t provide much sales success predictability.


Also, many sales orgs don’t believe they can assess sales ability… look at salespeople as artists, with mindset “If you get results, whatever you create is good.” hiring good people has been ouija board activity. Hiring mgrs have image in head of good sp, what think on outside makes good sp… in interview we like and connect with them and think they’re a great sp–>try them out…results sporadic.


Understanding what team needs to work on to get better results is also often elusive. lack common vernacular for discussing variations in beliefs, habits, best practices. Since don’t have vernacular to discuss, hard to assess …id who is or isn’t exhibiting or believing in a way that best going to accelerate sales


Rather than blindly throwing coaching, consulting, training, etc. at a company, use scientific ways to have real, deep actionable picture of what spl and mgrs struggling with and what best at/strengths. and org tools structure, support mechanisms that are or aren’t helping them.

Current Team

For the things that drive success in sales. ID underperforming tendencies so can customize training, help with hiring.

Optimize Hiring


Not only hiring the best people, but hiring them with awareness of the support, coaching, and training each will need for maximum success. no one will ever be perfect. Need to understand gaps so can decide if can/want to coach and know what the plan needs to be. Be willing to take that on.

Checking the Foundations

Understanding go-to-market strategy, sales process, organizational structure – what they’re taking to market and competitive pressures at play. selling styles needed and structure needed in org to support that type of selling.

Our Sales Assessment Offerings

The Intentional Sales Difference

Focus on the
Core Drivers of Success

Causes, not symptoms. assess for beliefs and knowledge/execution of best practices to see if aligned with those that help sales success — deeper level – can articulate in actionable way.

Development Plans

Actionable findings for what you have to solve with each person, here’s the coaching method, beliefs, tendencies, best practices.

Your Organization

ID impact of sales tools, sales org, compensation structure, salesperson-sales manager ratio… on overall results salesperson can make.  too often sales orgs built with idea that sp is mini ceo of own company. do their own thing independently. sp almost in competition with rest of team.

The Intentional Sales Difference

Sales Training

Boost your sales team’s results with training they’ll actually use.

Sales Coaching

Systematic support to make sure your sales team masters best practices.

Sales Consulting

Infuse your sales organization with strategy, alignment, and consistency.

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