Tired of Unpredictable Sales? We Can Help.

If you want real results, you need a complete, professional solution that includes a willingness to listen and truly understand your needs, challenges, and goals, and the hard-won expertise that comes from decades of success developing hundreds of sales organizations.


Our services comprise four distinct categories, and we encourage you to explore what each of them entails and how it can help you and your team. With that said, keep in mind that it’s at the nexus of all our solutions where, together, we create Intentional Sales.


Now, you might wonder why you would want to bring in outside assistance – after all, you’ve worked hard to hire the best talent and build the team and business processes that will lead to success.


Our experience and the feedback we’ve received from numerous appreciative clients have proven the many benefits. We ensure that groupthink doesn’t cause your team to overlook possible solutions, and we save you from wasting resources on addressing problems that others have already solved. The list goes on – we’ll help you identify the best methods to overcome any sales challenges and implement them as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.


To create a roadmap to your desired results, we have to know where you are starting. While many sales consultants give lip service to assessment, we make a thorough, scientific analysis of your sales organization a hallmark of all our services. Our battery of evidence-based assessments, together with our experience-driven analysis, generates a complete, high-resolution picture of your sales strategy, organizational structure, processes, tools, and people, including potential new hires. This process and the resulting reports highlight both existing strengths and any opportunities to nurture predictable sales results.


We’ve developed our exclusive training programs for sales (Client BuilderTM) and sales management (Intentional Sales ManagementTM) from decades of field experience, to go beyond surface concepts and typical teaching methods. We address core beliefs that drive or hinder success and provide a variety of formats to fit seamlessly into the workflow of salespeople, so that training and professional development become an ongoing process. And whereas most trainers simply teach and move on, we get hands-on with interactive discussion and coaching, role playing, and practical uses for real situations, combining the science of best practices with the art of masterful application.


Our goal in sales coaching is to help your team reach their full potential, and we stand by them as they move from novice to expert. We’re committed to doing whatever is necessary to support this process, from helping them see and realize their better future, to workshopping skills in practice environments, to joining your team in real client-facing sales situations. We help your salespeople and managers master the ability to get more sales reliably, and beyond that, to grow an organizational culture that supports ongoing development and success for both team members and the company.


Your company is unique, and from our work with hundreds of sales organizations, we’ve learned not only what principles and practices drive sales results, but also how to adapt these best practices for each situation we encounter. Emphasizing an interactive, workshop-style approach, we focus on understanding the foundational tools and processes supporting your sales team. We listen to the needs, desires, and ideas of your people, and develop the strategic approaches that will move the needle toward predictability. We cover all the details, producing tools and systems that are both simple enough for salespeople to easily adopt and robust enough to drive real change.

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Ready to intensify your sales results?

Our services comprise four distinct categories, and we encourage you to explore what each of them entails.

Ready to intensify your sales results?

Learn more about the creator of ISM and what drives him to help companies transform their sales.

Ready to intensify your sales results?

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