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Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak Selling and managing are very different skill sets. At the same time, if you haven’t been successful at selling, it will be difficult to manage salespeople. You’ll have a hard time gaining their trust, giving them insights, coaching them through challenges, and recognizing when they’re not thinking straight about [...]
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Going From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be Not all clients are created equal. Everybody loves the ones who are super easy going, extend their loyalty through renewals and referrals, and all the while don’t require constant contact. But, have you ever had a client that started out dragging their feet with [...]
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The Tyranny of the Urgent There are many sales managers who remain active with their personal selling in addition to their managerial responsibilities. This is usually a positive practice. After all, part of what makes a good sales manager was their ability to sell in the first place. It’s benefit for a company to keep [...]
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A Case for Cadence with Scheduled Meetings Religious beliefs aside, Christianity has been one of the more successful movements throughout history in terms of getting people to follow a cause. We can observe that it has created a fervent following and it maintains its influence on people throughout their entire lives. There are foundational practices [...]
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